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About Us

At Vine to Glass we are dedicated to our vision of Pairing Wine, People & Purpose. Our mission is one of ensuring that each of our wines will find the right customer at along its journey from vine to glass.

So what does that mean exactly and how does it affect you? Well the answer to that question is – it depends on who you are and where you fall in the journey each wine takes.

If you’re a wine distributor, then our approach is built around ensuring that you understand the types of businesses that are the most compatible for each of our wines. We believe that everyone benefits when our distribution partners work with us to achieve an alignment between each wine and the businesses who buy them.

If you’re a retailer or restaurateur, rest assured that we will work hard to ensure that you have an understanding of the types of customers and the lifestyles they lead that will pair with each of our wines. We know you are shown 1000’s of wines each year and we hope that our approach makes it easier for you to tell whether our wines would be a good fit for your customers.

If you’re a wine drinker at the end of our wines journey, thank you! We hope that you chose one of our wines because our pairing efforts came together in a way that allowed you to feel confident in your purchase. It is you, the consumer, that Vine to Glass considers the most critical to our success.

Cary Hicks


With over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry at Frito Lay, Cary held numerous leadership positions in sales to national distribution and operations. In 2006 he left the cooperate world to open a Keller Williams Real Estate Franchise, which he still is a part owner of today. This career change enabled Cary to further work on his entrepreneurial spirit, forming development companies and acquiring real estate.

Cary and his wife have a passion for traveling and have been fortunate to travel the world extensively. During their travels they increased their appreciation for fine wine by traveling to many of the world’s top wine regions including; Douro Region of Portugal; Rioja, Spain; all regions in California;  South Africa; Bordeaux; Chianti, Italy; Willamette valley, Oregon to name a few. Enjoying the lifestyle and beauty of learning, tasting and meeting wonderful friend’s in the wine industry. This led to a new passion for wine, trying to understand all of the little details that make this such an amazing industry. From the farmers, to the winemakers and vineyard owners, all aspects of this industry have and continue to enrich our lives.

J.C. Milam, CSW

Managing Director

1618396_10152613856287598_2045320634_nThe wine business has and will always be an important of my life. I got my start in this business due to a passion for French language, wine and cuisine. That passion has now become a life-long pursuit of knowledge and connections that make this industry such a unique one.

After having gained invaluable experience at some of the best known companies in our industry including RNDC, The Wine Group and Beverage Media Group, I felt a familiar pull to get back into running a small business, something I’ve done twice before in the wine business.

When the opportunity arose to create a wine importer focused on telling each wines story and to work tirelessly to find the right businesses and consumers for those wines, a dream came true. What came from that opportunity is Vine to Glass and I look forward to working with our trade partners across the country to help our wineries achieve success here in the U.S.