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Etichetta Blu

The Wine

Fermentation and maceration in stainless steel thermo-conditioned tanks. A portion spends 7 months in barriques where it goes through malolactic fermentation.

Etichetta BLU translates into ‘Blue Label’. Montecarlo DOC is in northern Tuscany near Lucca.

The People

The roots of the Montecarlo DOC stretch back to the 1870’s when Giulio Magnani first went to France to learn about winemaking and viticulture. Today the Fontana family has built an ultra-modern winery that creates wines that are embued with ‘Tuscanity’.


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The Purpose

Tuscanity, A Way of Life
A modern, sophisticated, blend that showcases this regions history, appeal and future.

People Pairing Guide

Seekers of Unique Wine 

Enthusiasts who are interested in trying wines from lesser known areas.

Red Blend Devotees

The price point, style and food pairing ability of this red will please a diverse crowd.

Super Tuscan Lovers

This is wine embodies Tuscanity - the Tuscan way of life and wine.

Tastes Like

Dark fruit flavors, intense floral notes, cocoa, vanilla and spices. Remarkable structure with evident but soft tannins and a balanced finish.

Serve With

Hearty soups, roasted pork or chicken, medium aged cheddar cheese.

Technical Data

Grapes: Sangiovese, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Canaiolo
Cases: 500 twelve packs
Alcohol: 13%

The Place

Tuscany, Montecarlo DOC, Italy
An area historically known as "The Chablis of Montecarlo."