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The Wine

Lara is a combination of the winery’s first two wines Eola and Ramanto. By focusing on red blends they are able to produce wines that offer exceptional balance and fruit forward character. This approach however does not allow for the Montescudaio DOC thus they are labeled IGT.

The People

Colline Di Sopra’s upscale quality standards are motivated by their love and respect for the ecosystem of which they are part of. That is the reason their vineyard is organically certified and why they adopted renewable energy along with a high attention to water resources issue.

Gold Medal
2016 Florida State Fair Wine Competition
2013 Vintage
Lara was awarded a Gold Medal in the 'Red Vinifera Blends' category.
Two Full Glasses
Gambero Rosso
2013 Vintage

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The Purpose

Modern Organic
Organically certified. Focused on renewable energy and water conservation. Owned, operated and farmed primarily by women.

People Pairing Guide

Green Minimalists

Enthusiasts who are looking for a winery that is minimalist in terms of it's impact on the land and resulting wine.

The Health Conscious

Health conscious consumers who feel organic farming produces a healthier wine.

Fans of Farm-to-table

Wine drinkers who enjoy the idea of farm-to-table consumption while understanding that wine is truly global.

Tastes Like

Deep ruby with violet reflections. It reveals notes of blackcurrant and blackberry with pepper and cinnamon accents. Softness, good structure and length in the mouth.

Serve With

Serve with Elaborate first courses, cheeses of medium ripeness, roasts and stews. Excellent with Tuscan “ribollita” soup.

Technical Data

Grapes: 50% Merlot, 40% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Cases: 500 Six Packs
Alcohol: 14%

The Place

Tuscany, Montescudaio DOC, Italy
Montescudaio is a classic DOC of Tuscany, central Italy, and was granted its title in 1976. The DOC covers red and white wines, sweet and dry, blends and varietals. Standard red Montescudaio Rosso, the bread-and-butter wine of the DOC, is made from a 50% base of Sangiovese and any combination of other red-wine varieties sanctioned under Tuscany's wine production laws.