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The Wine

This Cabernet has a fully ripened character while the lack of oak aging allows for a fruit forward and youthful wine with firm tannins.

Cecco is the winemakers nickname. His face is on the label too. The circle on the label depicts biodynamic farming which concerns itself with balancing land and moon cycles. Poggio Foco translates into ‘Fire Hill.’

The People

Ambition for fusing the art of winemaking with the scientific side of wine while focusing on environmental protection. Creating wines that tell the story of their journey and the land around the vines.  Wine for people who cherish their journey. 


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The Purpose

Holistic Farming
30 acres of vineyards in total out of nearly 1400 that stretch throughout Maremma; a farm whose focus is on pursuing harmony between the land, animals and man.

People Pairing Guide

Seafood lovers

Engaged newcomers who aren't predisposed to avoiding red wine with fish.

Seekers of Unique Wine

Enthusiasts who are interested in trying wines from lesser known areas.

The Health Conscious

Health conscious consumers who feel organic farming produces a healthier wine.

Tastes Like

Sweet red berry aromas like cranberry and hints of cherry pie. Lush cherry, raspberry and red fruits on the palate. 

Serve With

Good pairing for grilled swordfish or salmon, veal dishes, and soft cheeses.

Technical Data

Grapes: 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Sangiovese
Cases: 850 twelve packs
Alcohol: 13%

The Place

Tuscany Sovana DOC, Italy
Sovana DOC is a small region that was established in 1999 that focuses on red wine with some passito and rose produced.